The Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance in South Africa is calling on government to act now to pass legislation that can reduce alcohol harm and its impact on South Africans. 
As the country waits in anticipation for President Cyril Ramaphosa to deliver the State of the Nation Address later this month, SAAPA SA is calling on the president to make a concrete commitment to passing laws that have been in the pipeline for years. 
South Africans are tired of waiting! 
The National Liquor Policy must be used to guide Alcohol Policy  decisions by Government. 
In order for Alcohol harm to be permanently reduced Government must address
Density-Alcohol is widely available all over South Africa 
Increasing pricing-Alcohol in South Africa is amongst the cheapest globally 
Alcohol Advertising-Advertising must be banned completely 
Blood Alcohol  content – The  blood alcohol content level for drivers must be reduced
SAAPA SA implores Government to #PassLiquorBillsNow 

The Control of Marketing of Alcoholic Beverages Bill 2013 is Still not passed!!

The Road Traffic Amendment Bill of 2015 is Still not passed!!

The Liquor Amendment Bill of 2016 is Still not passed!!

We demand new liquor laws before 2024!