Say No! to alcohol in schools

Say No to Alcohol in schools
Object to the Basic Education Legislation Ammendment Bill

We call on you to join us in urging the government to scrap the sections in the BELA Bill which will allow liquor on school premises and at school events.

Support the call for a complete ban on liquor on school premises (except for personal use by staff who live on school property).

Demand better funding models for our schools so that all children have access to quality education in a safe and protected environment.

Fly a blue ribbon at your school in support of the campaign; wear blue ribbons as a group as you participate in school activities.

Write to the Minister at to tell her what you think of the alcohol clauses in the BELA Bill.

Write to the Portfolio Committee in Parliament by 15 August to register your opposition to the alcohol clauses in the Bill – Mr Llewellyn Brown, the Committee Secretary via email, online or via WhatsApp: +27 60 550 9848. Mr Llewellyn Brown can be reached on 083 709 8450 for enquiries.

Download the BELA Bill here.

Together we can win this one!

Say No! to alcohol in schools. Support our petition by clicking below.